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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Arrived in Orsa

We're here in Orsa Camping. Absolutely  beautiful!  It was a nice ride from Vansbro  today.  We stopped at a really nice restaurant by a lake and had an awesome buffet. Kind of regretted  it on some of the inclines. We went through  Mora and then onto Orsa. I've been having some problems with my pinky finger. It started tingling  a few days ago and has developed  a mind of its own. Can't really control it. So, I went to the doctor here and he is also a big bicyclist and he said just to try varying  my hand position.  He gave me the OK to push on. We are going to stay here at the campground  one more day. I think we really  need it to push   on. Orsa camping sponsored  us for another night because of  the barn cancer  fund.  Sofie in the office was as nice in person as she seemed in her emails. So a big thank you to her. 
      Tomorrow,  Jerry Williams is playing here with some other artists, so I think I'll check it out. Just going to relax, do some swimming  and get  ready for Saturday. Next update tomorrow

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