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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Arrived in Vansbro

Really great ride today barring two mistakes.  Tommy forgot not only do I have his wallet, I also have the GPS. So, Tommy, as usual was out ahead and out of sight when I saw we should make a right to Lesofors.  I decided  to wait and flag down the next car, which didn't come for 30 minutes. I asked them when they say a guy with  a green vest ahead, to please come back. Finally,he slowly  peddled  up the long Hill and we went on. Only to see the route  we chose  was a unpaved Mt everest. After  one hour straight  up we began the decent  to Lesofors.  Then it was smooth  sailing all the way to Vansbro. 
         We arrived at a deserted  campground and call the number on the board. He then gave me a code for the box and out popped the key for a great cabin. The whole  place to ourselves. Just got back from having a really good pizza and now it's off to bed. Short day to Orsa tomorrow . We might check out the zoo there.  I have a cabin all set there so it will be a nice restaurant day.
          Gonna post some pics, one sign right from where my wife  is from