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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 4

We took it a little easy  today and did 82 kilometers  to Lungsund,  which  is close to Storsfors.  We found a really great campground and just relaxed and did a little  swimming.  Pretty cold but definitely  refreshing. Even though  the cabins weren't open yet the couple who run the campground opened it for us and made us feel really welcomed.  Highly recommended  Storlungen camping I think we're  going to focus  on an average  of 100 kilometers  a day to get to enjoy this experience  a little more.
            I didn't take to many pictures  today, as for most of the travel was on route  26. We're at 28 percent now. Thank you for all that have donated.  Please if anyone back in the States  needs help with the translation let me know.  I put one on my information  in English  but maybe it's a little tougher.  Well, time for sleep. More tomorrow!

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