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Monday, May 30, 2016

Arrived at Askevik

That was a long hard day  in the saddle. We had a headwind against  us for the first 4 hours on what should have been an easy ride. It was flat on an old railway  up to Falkoping. Then it was a lot of hills on the way to Marie stad  this is really hard with auto correct,  it won't let me spell Swedish words. Anyway, there was plenty of beautiful  scenery  along the way. We stopped  at an old bronze  age burial site near Falkoping  dating back 4000 years.
                   I've decided I need to lose some kilos from my load, so I'm taking a risk and dropping my mattress and some camping gear, for I don't  think we will wild camp. My knees are taking a real beating and I don't want to lug that much on the upcoming  hills. We're off lesjöfors early and that's around 130 kilometers,  which will feel short. Tommy is still going like a champion.  I'll post a picture of him taking what  he calls and active  rest stop.
              Away from the sore knees and blisters, it's going as planned so far. We'll keep on peddling till the goal is reached. I feel good about that. One nice thing today, right before we reached our campground,  a car was pulled  over on the side of route 26. Tommy was ahead of me and I thought they had car problems but they saw our vests for the barn cancer  fund and gave Tommy 100 kronor. Very nice! Right now  the fund is at 23 percent, so please keep sharing posts and hopefully  get it up there. That's it for now. Bed time

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