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Saturday, May 21, 2016

information on the barn cancer fund in english

I wanted to send out a link about  the barncancer fund in English for my friends back home. Also, the funds site is in Swedish, so I can help with the process if anyone would like to make a donation. Once your on the site, you will see  " Ge gåva via webben" which you would click. Then you put your name in " namn i givarlistan" or you can click anonym. You can click on an amount or choose your own in  "Valfritt belopp" then press "lägg i gåvokorgen" After that at the top of the page you would click "gå till Kassan" and will see "din gåvokorg" make sure the total is correct and click "gå till kassan"  ALMOST DONE   Then you just fill in all fields with an asterisk and click "betala" and it´s over. I know this is a little bit of a process but any small donation will be greatly appreciated. There is a widget to help you convert the dollar to kronor.



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