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Monday, May 2, 2016

Planning and route

Well, after eight months of anticipation, the journey is only four weeks away now. On May 28th the adventure begins. What started as perhaps a crazy mid-life crisis idea, turned into an actual " this is really going to happen idea".  The original plan was to cycle around Lake Vättern, which is a yearly event and is 300 km long, but I missed the entry deadline. I started thinking of biking from Gothenburg to Stockholm but then I read about a guy who went from Malmo to Kiruna and I said to myself "that is the one for me" and the rest is history. After a lot of googling and e-mailing different people as to the route I should take, I settled upon the inlandsvägen, which will take me to places such as Halmstad, Orsa,Östersund and Jokkmokk. I can´t wait to see the midnight sun. I will have to average 150 km a day or 93 miles. I just think of it as biking back and forth to work 5 times a day. I should be in the saddle for anywhere  from 7 to 9 hours a day, depending on the rest stops. I have all the campgrounds planned out so I´m on a schedule.  Although we have in Sweden "Allemansrätt" which translates to right of public access or outdoor access right, we can pretty much set up camp anywhere, other then someones back yard. Even with that, I would like to avoid any chances of a possible encounter with moose, bears or wolves and stick to my schedule. So, here is my scheduled route for my first day. Malmo to Hagöns Camping in Halmstad, who were kind enough to offer me a free nights stay.

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  1. How exciting!I look so forward to reading your updates:)