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Friday, May 20, 2016

One more week

Well, this time next week we'll be in Malmo getting ready for the start  of the journey. Tommy, a friend  of mine from work will ride along  with  me. We're  going  to stay  the night in a campground  in Malmo and head out early  the next morning  for Halmstad. It will be nice to have some company, especially  for those long  stretches  of road with  no  civilization.
               My company,  Speed  Logistics sponsored  us with some really nice biking clothes and alerted some newspapers as to the trip. The metro contacted me and ran an article today, which was pretty cool. It really helped me to spread the word and hopefully help on meeting or exceeding the goal for the barn cancer fund (children's cancer fund ) Hope everyone will follow our trip and thank you to everyone who already has contributed. It's really  great! 

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