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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Arrived in Sveg

We left Orsa  this morning  and it was definitely  on the chilly side. Luckily for us we had that extra day of Rest because it was pretty brutal the first 5 hours. The hills were relentless  as was the headwind.  I told Erik, I kept seeing the scene from Rocky, when Apollo  knocks him down  and Micky is telling him 'stay down stay down" but Rocky justs wants to finish the fight  and he gets up. That was me today.
            Then when we finally had smooth sailing,  my pedal snaps off. I'm 25 kilometres  from Sveg  and it's the weekend.  Trips done! I call Erik in Orsa, he makes a couple of calls and tells me that this guy who has a bicycle  shop in Sveg was in Orsa today competing  in a around the lake event and would be back in Sveg about the time I get there. I managed to pedal the last 25 and met him just as he pulled in. All fixed and ready for tomorrow.  A true miracle! So, thank you so much to you Erik  and Christine, Roger in Sveg, who by the way would not except a kronor from me. For without them my journey would be over. So in my pics will be a picture of Erik and his beautiful family and Roger. And Roger, if you are ever in Gothenburg,  please give me a ring, I would like to return the favor. 0761905107 
           So, anyway overall a very exciting  day. We will try to make it as close to Ostersund  as possible  but it's 186 kilometres.  140 would be nice.

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