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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Arrived in Svenstavik

We left Sveg at 07:00 this morning  and was quite  chilly. It turned  out to be a beautiful  day. Good biking weather. Tommy was up late last night reading so he lacked his usual  energy. So, at one point when he wanted to eat waffles, I decided  we would meet up in Svenstavik.  I stopped in this one little town and had tunn bread with reindeer  meet. Delicious!  When I arrived  here, while waiting for Tommy, I met one of the most interesting characters I've ever met. He was 74 years old and the stories he told me were so interesting.  We chatted for an hour and could of went on. He rang me later just to make sure we had a place to stay. Anyway,  you'll see his pic.
            We found a little hotel here and just finished a big pizza. That's the great thing of riding all day. You don't have to worry  about gaining weight. Anyway,  very tired now,  more tomorrow. Also, the one picture  is of an American  I met at the store here and his girlfriend. They were trying  there best to help us find a place

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