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Friday, June 3, 2016

On to Sveg tomorrow

It was a very nice rest day in Orsa. Thank you to Orsa camping for two great nights. Very much appreciated.  It will energize  us for our push forward  to Sveg. We didn't get to the show tonight, the line was to long.
              Yesterday, I got to talking to a lady here  whose husband is from New Jersey.  So, we met briefly  yesterday and winds up his hometown is pretty close to mine. Pretty small world! Also, Erik is a very avid biker  and luckily for me a bicycle  mechanic who actually  worked for the company Specilized, which makes my bike. He invited me to his house today,  which besides the brutal climb up the mountain to his home,was great. He did an awesome job cleaning  up my chain and gave the bike a complete check to make sure I will make Kiruna. Plus gave me a few spare parts, just in case. So a big thank you Erik it was a real pleasure to meet you and Christine. Hope to see you and your family  in Gothenburg.  Anytime!
               So, tomorrow  we head out early to Sveg,  which is 123 kilometers. Then onto Ostersund  or as close as we can get.  Update tomorrow  night.

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